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just a note: i make icons, like a lot of people, and i know that you want credit for your icon, cause it's just that damned important. now, i dont necessarily have the username of every icon i have saved somewhere so i don't always have a name to give credit to someone. If I am using one of your icons and it is not credited to you, email, post a comment, or do something to tell me. don't report me.. it's not something i did on purpose!

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Hello all. welcome to my live journal. I have no particular rules and, in case you haven't noticed, this is my friends only journal.. so HA! my interests aren't always up to date, so don't judge me only on my interests. but if we do have something in common, feel free to add me ^_^. i'm always up for more friends. ok, so here's the basics:

Name: Megsen
Location: Skank-diggity, New York
Age: 19
Passion: photography!

TV: don't really watch much tv... i religiously watch Lost, Veronica Mars, House, and Heroes. and i love Dead Like Me, My So-Called Life, and Firefly. i used to follow Alias, but it is no more. i've found myself strangely attracted to Supernatural as well. and i occasionally indulge in One Tree Hill (i.e. when i'm super bored).
Movies: i like corny movies sometimes.. but i like movies that make you think too. i love Saved, the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Corpse Bride, Waitress, Brick, the Maltese Falcon, and Serenity.

so yeah.. that's about it for the time being.

My Doll

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Is it Wednesday yet??

Labyrinth is magical love.

by this_is_fucked

The Nightmare Before Christmas is haunting love.

by this_is_fucked